About Us


Meet Leonardo Rio, affectionately known as The Captain—the creative force behind our collection, steering us with his adorable drawings of planes. He's not just any artist; he's a future pilot in the making, determined to conquer the skies with his passion and creativity. Watch out, world—this little captain is ready to soar!

And then there's Loretta, aka Mum, our flair master, bringing elegance and style to our aviation adventures. And Ivica, aka Dad, the suave aviator aficionado, whose father held a pilot's license. However, due to various life circumstances, Ivica never had the chance to follow the same path. But now, with Rio in creative action, he's ensuring that when the time comes, his son will have all the resources and support needed to pursue his dream of obtaining a pilot's license. His drawings inspire our collection, and every purchase supports his dream of earning a pilot's license one day.

Our Extended Crew:

Walter, the furball co-pilot, always up for mischief and ready for a game of fetch. Zulu, the second-in-command, bringing boundless energy and tail wags to our daily adventures. And Ami, the elegant feline who oversees operations with a sophisticated flair—clearly, the real boss around here.

Our collection is perfect for aviator lovers looking for relaxing and fun gifts! Welcome aboard to our flight of fashion and fun! You're geting here the superior style with a good laugh, and we're thrilled to have your support on this journey.

Fasten your seatbelts, because this isn't just a store—it's a high-flying adventure, and we're ready for takeoff!

Thank you for fueling not just our small business, but also our aspiring pilot's dreams! Your support means the world to us and to our future high-flyer.

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